8 tips on how to wear a Saree on your first Date !

8 tips on how to wear a Saree on your first Date !

Choose lighter fabrics

Get a manageable saree and get it pleated in a right way! Choose mul or pure cotton in summers and opt for chiffon or georgette in winters. The material matters and enhances your confidence.

Drape it simple and stylish

Pleat it properly by the help of your mother or sister. Avoid bigger safety-pins as it damages the saree, Choose smaller one. Drape it in a comfortable but stylish way. You can rather go with simple drapes if you are not a saree styling expert.

pair up with a peppy crop top

Pair it up with

Stylish crop tops, v cut deep neck tops or tuck your sleeveless body hugging long knitted tops inside. It will give you a smarter look for the date. For my lovelies who does not want their sugar bellies to come in between you and your date, can opt for longer jacket blouses with body shaper inside. Try wearing black If you want to look slimmer or else you can flaunt your body frame with any colour, after all if you are the queen of confidence your date is bound to take a bow.

Be friends with your saree

Be friends with your saree and choose something that naturally gives your body a nice silhouette. Avoid hard and over-starched saree. If you find something interesting from your mom’s wardrobe which is completely new then opt for washing it in cold water and dry it overnight.

Choose any colour

All colours are beautiful if your carry it like a diva, Choose any colour you like and feel confident in. Remember one thing, don’t get expert advice from seniors in case of colour. The colour you choose defines your identity.

Choose simple prints or solid colours.

Choosing small and simple prints or going totally in a single tone will retain your soulful charm. Don’t over exaggerate yourself with bigger prints or motifs.

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Stick to thin borders

Bright and gaudy borders might get you some attention, but it might not be in a flattering way. Broad borders make your frame look wider, thereby making you look shorter. Choose thinner borders to give yourself some space as well as to the saree.

Tie it below the navel

Tie the saree below the navel as it elongates the frame of your body and will help you stick to your original height. If you are in a taboo to cover up your navel then it may make you look shorter than you are.

So Babes whatever you do, don’t forget that we have always got you back…..

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